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DataCap is integrated software for data transformation, integration, and visualization.

Supports multiple data sources, file types, big data-related databases, relational databases, NoSQL databases, and more.

Through the software, the management of multiple data sources can be realized, and various operations can be performed on the data under the source, data charts can be made, data sources can be monitored, and other functions can be performed.

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Datacap is a fast, lightweight, and intuitive system. It can be used to manage multiple data sources, perform various operations on the data under the source, make data charts, monitor data sources, and other functions. It can also be used as a database management system to add, delete, modify and query the data under the source.

  • Powerful but easy to use

    DataCap uses a simple SQL IDE to quickly and easily integrate and explore your data.

  • Integrate with modern databases

    DataCap can connect to any SQL-based | via various protocols such as JDBC, Native, Http, etc NoSQL data sources.

  • Highly customizable

    DataCap can quickly customize your data sources by implementing the plug-in SPI provided. It is also possible to customize your data conversion integration tool by implementing an actuator SPI.

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